Thursday 18 June 2020

Focus on Impact: Regional GEOs
13:00-14:30 CEST   07:00-08:30 EDT   21:00-21:30 AEST

The Regional GEOs, evolving from the Regional GEOSS Initiatives, have been expected to play a strong role in user engagement, resource mobilization, as well as scaling GEO global activities to a regional level. This session will review some examples of mutually-beneficial interaction between Regional GEOs and GEO Flagships, Initiatives or Community Activities, with the aim of identifying good practices for other activities that may be interested in expanding their impact in new regions. This session aims at discussing how to joint effort between GEO flagships and initiatives and the four regional GEOs. The four regional GEOs will start their presentations with an outline of each of them and illustrate with concrete examples some of the mutually beneficial interactions they have established with the GEO activities. They should as well cover the question “Why Regional?” and the unique benefits of acting regionally. 

Those interactions can go in both directions, including GEO activities in specific regions and contexts or bringing local and regional knowledge to the attention of the GEO community. In addition to examples stemming from the GEO flagships, initiatives and community activities, there will be additional examples covering the GEOSS infrastructure and how regional GEOs can integrate themselves in its architecture.

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Questions and answers from the session participants:

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Session Introduction


AfriGEO Initiative from Global to Local

By Phoebe Oduor

AmeriGEO - From Data to Decisions: Empowering the National GEOs

By Angelica Gutierrez

AOGEO - from observations to knowledge development, integration, and contribution to three engagement priorities

By Hiroyuki Muraoka

EuroGEO: Evolution of the GEOSS Platform to make regional capabilities globally available

By Jean Dusart & Joost Van Bemmelen

Q&A and Session Wrap-up 



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