Tuesday 16 June 2020

Leveraging Advanced Technologies - Focusing on Data Cubes
15:30-17:00 CEST   09:30-11:00 EDT   23:30-01:00(+1) AEST

The wide availability and accessibility of open data, coupled with new technologies related to data processing systems and services, provides a great opportunity for the GEO community to transform data and information into decision-supporting knowledge in a most efficient way. Speakers will demonstrate how Data cubes are applied to produce results.

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Intervention from Gilberto Camara "Data Cubes: Benefits and Challenges"

Data Cubes: Benefits and Challanges

By Gilberto Camara

The Swiss Data Cube - A Step Towards Digital Switzerland

By Gregory Giuliani

Open Data Cube and Open Earth Alliance

By Brian Killough

EO Data Cubes for Brazil

By Gilberto Queiroz & Karine Ferreira

Enabling Innovation at Continental Scale - Case Studies Over Australia and Africa

By Fang Yuan

Euro Data Cube

By Grega Milcinski

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