Monday 15 June 2020

Engaging UN Agencies and Intergovernmental Organizations
15:30-17:00 CEST   09:30-11:00 EDT   23:30-01:00(+1) AEST

The GEO engagement priorities guide a number of GEO Work Programme activities. The policy aspects of the engagement priorities are driven and supported by UN agencies and international organisations, such as UNFCCC, UNDRR, UNCCD, UN-HABITAT, UN FAO, UNDP and UNEP.  These UN bodies are not only developing and shaping international policy, but in many cases they are the custodian or lead agencies for topics that are fundamental to the success of the GEO Work Programme. Understanding whom, how and when to engage these agencies and other international organisations is important to help GEO support UN Member States. It cuts across many of GEO’s activities from capacity development to resource mobilisation, as well as outreach and international policy development. Speakers will present concrete examples of collaboration from the GEO Work Programme.

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Questions and answers from the session participants:

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Introduction of speakers and agenda

Presentations and Q&A:

How the GEO community can support the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement

By Joanna Post

GFOI approaches in engaging with custodian agencies for REDD+

By Tom Harvey

Collaborating with UN Agencies to Deliver on the SDGs: Challenges and Enabling Factors

By Argyro Kavvada

How the GEO community can support the implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR

By Rhea Katsanakis

GOS4M approaches in engaging with the UNEP Minamata Convention on Mercury

By Nicola Pirrone




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