Friday 19 June 2020

Resource Mobilization and Sustainable Funding
15:00-16:30 CEST   09:00-10:30 EDT   23:00-00:30(+1) AEST

GEO’s ability to support global environmental and sustainable development agendas requires continuous funding to ensure long term results for GWP activities. Participants will learn about the GEO Resource Mobilization Strategy, and will hear from GWP activities and their experiences in obtaining funding and in-kind resources, including lessons learned and good practice to follow. The session will also cover different funding sources, steps in contacting funders, how to align with topics most likely to be funded, and other practical advice.

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Questions and answers from the session participants:

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Overview of GEO´s RM Strategy and approach -  Justyna Nicinska

Fundraising challenges and successes in GEO Work Programme activities: 

Overview of GEO´s Resource Mobilization Strategy and approach

By Justyna Nicinska

GEOGLAM - effective collaboration with countries: Canada, Germany and UK

By Ian Jarvis

GEO Land Degradation Neutrality

By Amos Kabo-bah

Mobilizing European resources to strengthen the development of the GEO Blue Planet Initiative

By Pierre-Yves Le Traon

GEOGLOWS and World Bank partner for regional applications of a global model

By Nagaraja Harshadeep

Digital Earth Africa - $20m for continental open data products from mixed funding

By Adam Lewis

Invited guest: External fundraising experts to discuss sustainable funding 

International Labor Organization

By Casper Edmonds

  • International Labor Organization - Casper Edmonds
  • Identifying needs of the community - Discussion  and interactive poll to identify top impact opportunities



Resource Mobilization Poll and Feedback Form



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