Thursday 18 June 2020

Integrating Water and Coastal Datasets
15:30-17:00 CEST   09:30-11:00 EDT   23:30-01:00(+1) AEST

Earth Observation (EO) data has proven to contain powerful information for the monitoring of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere on a global, regional, and local scale, in particular by providing significant information on coastal regions. The exploitation of EO data combined with in-situ data for water and coastal applications has significantly increased in recent years and has been the topic of various international publications. This session will aim to highlight the integration and applicability of these datasets to address coastal issues including the demonstration of tangible examples on how it has been utilized by GEO initiatives.

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Session Introduction


Integration of ocean and coastal data in support of the Sendai Framework and 2030 Agenda

By Leah Segui

Striving to Ensure Confidence in EO Water Quality Data

By Steven Greb

DEA CoastLines: A 30yr history of coastal change in Australia using earth observation data

By Stephen Sagar

Waters and Coasts in Africa

By Amos Kabo-bah


Session Wrap-up



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