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Non space based observation coordination
Tuesday 10 November 2015
SRE: Room Rosario Green

Background: Non space-based observing systems (including both non space-based and remote sensing airborne, land and ocean-based systems) are global and diverse and there is no global group responsible for their coordination.  Up to now, non space-based coordination for GEOSS has been included in the GEO Infrastructure (IN-01) task, “Earth Observations”.  This task includes both the space and non space-based communities and observation coordination.  As we move to the future, this task will be reformulated to separate space and non space-based coordination in the new GEO Foundational Task plan.  It is believed this approach will allow the non space-based community to become more organized, focused and achieve greater success while allowing the space community (CEOS) to focus its efforts on the expanding amount of space-based measurements.

Objectives: In order to enhance progress in the non space-based community, CEOS has agreed to work with GEO to develop a detailed task plan for the non space-based foundational task (GD6, GEOSS non Space-based Earth Observation Resources) and complete a report to define the state of global non space-based coordination and recommendations for the future.  It is expected that one of the GEO Participating Organizations will agree to manage this task in the future and will utilize the work of this small task team to define its path.

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