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Recently formed European Network of EO Networks (ENEON) as a new GEO Initiative
Tuesday 10 November 2015
SRE: Room Genaro Estrada
CREAF Connecting GEO H2020 Project

The European Network of EO Networks (ENEON) gathers the most relevant EO networks in Europe into a comprehensive network. It is a forum for optimizing the resources and to help secure the continuity of EO projects. The session will present the mission, goals, objectives and exact purpose of the network. Will present the current membership and invite others to join. ConnectinGEO is promoting the creation of the network and is looking for its future sustainability. In GEO, ENEON can be useful to monitor the gaps and redundancies in EO and thus guide funding agencies to the main priorities to cover those gaps. The final aim is to have a complete set of EO measures (covering the right Essential Variables) that assess the achievements of the proposed UN Sustainable Development Goals. ENEON has been established by the H2020 project, ConnectinGEO, and it is supported by the EC and contributed to the GEOSS Work Plan as a GEO Initiative.

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