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Open Data and the Developing World - The GEO Data Sharing and Data Management Principles in the context of the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development
Wednesday 12 November 2014
WMO: Room Salle C2
CODATA on behalf of GEO DSWG
The session will be designed to allow a number of participants and supporting organizations to give their perspective on the revised GEO Open Data Principles and GEO Data Management Guidelines. It will be particularly important to engage with a broad range of international perspectives, particularly members of AfriGEOSS and the side event will do so by considering country reports and extending the discussion around the GEO principles in conjunction with ‘Guideline for Implementation of Principles of Preservation of and Open Access to Research Data in Developing Counties’ developed on behalf of CODATA.
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Simon Hodson, Wenbo Chu  (,,