Gold medal  Madagascar Fire 75% (Overall winner)

Gold medal  STREETS4ALL 71% (Second place)

Gold medal  Deep Green Madagascar & SEEKU 65% (Equal third place)

Awards for the different categories

Societal Value Award: SEEKU and STREETS4ALL

Originality/Novelty Award: Wheel Ale

Use of GEOSS Reources and GEOSS relevance Award: Deep Green Madagascar and Madagascar Fire

Feasibility/Sustainability Award: Cloud Eater, Madagascar Fire and Wheel Ale

Usability/User Interface Award: Cloud Eater


Solutions (in alphabetical order)

Cloud Eater

By #ToDo

Cloud Eater team
Cloud Eater team

Challenge: Cloud Detection Game - Increasing the amount of classified data for machine learning

Description: Cloud Eater is a fun game in which the player controls a "cloud-eating" airplane on a Sentinel-2 satellite image. Their objective is to mark all the clouds in the picture. By competing against each other, players try to achieve the best cloud marking accuracy. Acquired label data from players is statistically evaluated and used for creation of machine learning training datasets.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um8iIxWQKG4

Github link: https://github.com/mt-krainski/cloudEater

#ToDo team members: Csaba Jeger csaba.jeger@esa.int, Mateusz Krainski mateusz.krainski@esa.int, Patryk Mikulski patryk.mikulski@esa.int, Matej Poliacek matej.poliacek@esa.int, Marcel Stefko marcel.stefko@esa.int

Deep Green Madagascar

By Deep Green Madagascar

Deep Green Madagascar team
Deep Green Madagascar team

Challenge: Protecting the forest

Description: Cloud based application for detection of deforesting using optical and sar data in near-real time.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ORU2leimQA&feature=youtu.be

Github link: website & code

Deep Green Madagascar team members: Leonid Shumilo shumilo.leonid@gmail.com, Mykola Lavreniuk nick_93@ukr.net, Andrii Kolotii andrew.k.911@gmail.com, Bohdan Yailymov yailymov@gmail.com, Julia Korsunska jkors.00.jk@gmail.com


By Cloud Assasins

Cloud Assasins team
Cloud Assasins team

Challenge: Cloud detection

Description: Game for classifying clouds: 1) Opaque clouds: Clouds that are so dense that it is impossible to see through them. 2) Thick clouds: Medium dense clouds through which you can barely see the surface below. 3) Thin clouds: Almost transparent clouds through which you can easily see surface below. 4) Shadows: caused by clouds and those caused by surface terrain. Shadows may be on surface or on top of other clouds. 5) Land: All land areas that are not covered by snow or ice. This includes all types of vegetation, bare soil and man-made structures. 6) Water: all areas covered by water bodies (i.e. seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.). 7) Snow.

Video: https://youtu.be/7BT7tVgD8bE

Github link: https://github.com/srikanthnagella/geoss-hack

Cloud Assasins team members: Nghia Vo nghia.vo@diamond.ac.uk, AmbroseP ambrosiobing@gmail.com, Srikanth Nagella srikanth.nagella@stfc.ac.uk

Madagascar Fire

By Madagascar Fire

Christian Langer & Joakim Adrup
Christian Langer & Joakim Adrup
Christian Langer & Joakim Adrup
Christian Langer & Joakim Adrup

Challenge: Protecting the forest

Description: The goal is to provide a web application that allows park rangers in madagascar to easily report information about a recent fire. The web app provides a very simple and mobile friendly interface, allowing the park ranger to carry out their work in the field. Input parameters are provided as sliders with pictograms for easy understanding and inputting that also allows non-english speakers to use the interface. The app is coded in javascript and node js. Some server code is also in python. The full source code is in the github repository. The code needs some more refinement before actual use however, since this was done during a hackaton.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvJHzTWQMtM

Github link: https://github.com/adrupen/madagascar_fire/

Madagascar Fire team members: Joakim Adrup joakim.adrup@esa.int, Christian Langer christian.langer@idiv.de

Mangrove Monitoring Platform

By Roots

Challenge: Protecting Biodiversity

Description: A mangrove monitoring platform to check endangered mangrove forests health.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnEAptsnjOA

Roots team members: Louis Marechal - louis.future.marechal@gmail.com / Daniel Sackey - daniel.sackey@community.isunet.edu


By Seeku

SEEKU team
SEEKU team

Challenge: Connecting Arctic Voices

Description: Seeku is a concept mobile app, which aims at ensuring safeting in Arctic coastal activities by harnessing the power of spaceborne (Earth observation/geoos) and crowdsourced data. Structured in a user-friendly way, it aims at enabling easy interpretation of satellite data by providing information of safer locations regarding ice thickness for camp sites & other activities. The user can also locate and provide real-time info and share it across social media platforms.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-bfPZeDG4c

Github link: https://github.com/AparicioSF/geosshack

Seeku team members: Aqeel Piracha aqeel.piracha@esa.int, Beatrice Sabatella beatrice.sabatella@esa.int, Lucandrea Mancini lucandrea.boston.celtics@hotmail.it, Mihkel Kaha mihkel.kaha@esa.int, Sara Aparício sara.aparicio@esa.int, Rene Eduardo Galindo Almendariz rene.galindo89@gmail.com



street for all
street for all

Challenge: Designing for accessibility

Description: A mobile application connected to an online platform. Users will be able to pin locations in a map , capture a photo and/or link to the real life street image by ESA, upload it and write a comment . There is the possibility for others to see and write their comments, A count of Pins all be immediately seeing in the online platform which will raise awareness to the public and will allow street planners to plan according to the critical challenging points for wheelchair users.

Video: https://youtu.be/6Ew-QwyfXnk

BIBOX team member: Liliana S. Giraud giraudliliana@gmail.com

Wheel Ale


Challenge: Accessibility Challenge

Description: Web Platform for showing venues in an area and commenting on their accessibility.

Video: https://youtu.be/Xyw2oa_Sd4s

Github link: https://github.com/MostafaNabi/geoss2018

DAFNI team members: Mostafa Nabi mostafa.nabi@stfc.ac.uk, Chris Oliver, chris.oliver@stfc.ac.uk, James Hannah, james.hannah@stfc.ac.uk, Ma Maiqi, maiqima@molaes.co.uk, Paulette Elliot, info@huduma.co.uk


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