Designing for Accessibility

Make an application that maps accessibility information and allows the users to add new information about cities and points of interest. The application should include a social feed that searches for georeferenced posts, tweets, etc... associated with a set of keywords and shows the results in a tab and/or maps them all together.


Cloud Detection Game - Increasing the amount of classified data for machine learning

The goal is to develop a game (doesn't have to be on a mobile platform) where the player classifies Sentinel-2 image pixels.


Astro-ecology - the solution from the skies to save Earth's biodiversity

A key part of the system is developing software to automatically detect and identify animals and humans in aerial thermal video footage.


Connecting Arctic voices

Develop a tool to allow young people living in the Arctic to engage with satellite images, weather data and in-situ observations in new ways, to promote sharing of information with their Elders and help to identify data that could be used to predict environmental hazards.


Protecting the Forest

Develop a biodiversity monitoring tool to motivate local patrols in Madagascar to engage with satellite images and encourage them to contribute in-situ observations. Clear evidence of illegal activities per location/fokontany/village is urgently needed to improve law enforcement and natural resource management. Georeferenced in-situ data could provide authorities and regional government services with useful data to halt deforestation.


Understanding Child Malnutrition in Sudan using Geographical Data

There is variation in the level of malnourished children in Sudan at the level of the states. The challenge involves using satellite images together with open source geographical data to understand the spatial disparity/patterns of malnutrition between states.


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