2nd GEO Data Providers workshop (20th-21st April 2017, Florence, Italy)

2nd GEO Data Providers workshop

20th-21st April 2017, Florence, Italy


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The 93 organizations that are participating!

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The 93 organizations that are participating!

2nd Data Providers Workshop Participants' logos


Special Thanks to the GEO Data Providers Workshop Organizing Commitee:

Stefano Nativi, Joost van Bemmelen, Steven Ramage, Guido Colangeli, Falkenroth Esa, Mustapha Mokrane, Rich Frazier, Kenneth McDonald, Gregory Giuliani, Lionel Menard, Osamu Ochiai, Mattia Santoro, Paola De Salvo, Wenbo Chu, Mariella Liberti


Invitation to the workshop

Data Providers are invited to attend the Second GEO Data Providers workshop. Whether your data is already brokered by the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), or your data could be integrated as a new resource in GEOSS, this workshop is for you.

The First GEO Data Providers workshop was held as a side event at the GEO-XIII Plenary in St Petersburg, Russia, to strengthen dialogue with data providers and to improve the discoverability, accessibility and usability of GEOSS resources.

Given the high level of interest and success of the initial workshop, a more comprehensive event of two days will be hosted by the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Florence, Italy, from 20th to 21st of April, 2017, in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Grow the GEO Data Providers community and discuss key principles.
  • Embrace the GEOSS Vision: To realize a future where decisions and actions, for the benefit of humankind, are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observation information and services.
  • Learnmore about GCI operations.
  • Dialogue on critical elements like metadata,  data quality and GEOSS Data Management Principles.
  • Learn about GEOSS brokering agreements, how to contribute data and resources to GEOSS.
  • Learn more about how data are used by users.
  • Discuss Open Access –beyond discovery, data policy.
  • Discuss  benefits and issues for GEOSS Data Providers.



Registration is closed.

See list of registered participants here

Remote Access:

Thursday, 20. April 2017 9:00 | Europe Summer Time (Amsterdam, GMT+02:00) | 10 hrs

Meeting number (access code): 702 180 079

Meeting password: geo2017

When it's time, join the meeting.

Location of the workshop:

Hotel Astoria: http://www.b4astoriafirenze.com/en/meeting-8

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/FhnPmkVvNct




​Mariella Liberti​​ CNR, Italy


Hotel reservation support

If you need support to book a Hotel in Florence, please contact

Luca Maestripieri
OIC Group
Office +39 0555035238


Workshop Report

The report of the 2nd Data Providers workshop can be downloaded here.

Photos of the workshop

Photos of the workshop can be downloaded here

2nd GEO Data Providers Workshop, April 2017

Presentations of the workshop

Thursday 20 April 2017

Speaker/Moderator: Nicola Pirrone & Stefano Nativi (CNR-IIA) Steven Ramage (GEO Secretariat) , Guido Colangeli (ESA), Gilles Ollier (EC)

10:00-10:10 Welcome note from CNR, GEO Secretariat,  ESA,
10:10-10:20 Message from the DG research and Innovation of the European Commission
10:20-10.30 Structure and Objectives of the Workshop  (Steven Ramage)

10:30-11:40  GEO and GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) information session
Chair Osamu Ochiai

11:40-12:40  GCI  Success Stories: (10 min each)
Chair Osamu Ochiai

12:40-13.00  Questions & Discussion

13:00-14:00  Hosted Lunch

Experiences and suggestions from existing, new GEO GCI data providers

Chair Osamu Ochiai

14:15-15:15  (1 Hour)
Moderators: Osamu, Paola, Guido, Esa

  • Break out session in 4 groups (Benefits and Challenges)

15:15-16:00: Coffee Break: Lightning talks (5 min each)
Chair: Paola De Salvo

16:00-16:30 (30 Min) 
Moderators: Osamu, Paola, Guido, Esa

Reporting session with Recommendations



17:30 – Group Photo
(Mattia Santoro, Esa Falkenroth Paola De Salvo.)


Friday 21 April 2017


09:00-9:40  GCI and its Potential – Open Data Access Beyond Discovery
Moderator: Osamu Ochiai

9:40-11:00  Panel Discussion
Moderator: Esa Falkenroth

"Stories from Data Providers, their best practices and challenges in Data Management. Towards Sustainable solutions in providing data and maintaining over time  and their impact on decision making."

Presentations focused on how the Data Providers deals with Metadata, Tools, Standards, Open Data Access, Issues and gaps.

11:00-11:45  Coffee Break: Lightning talks (5 min each)
Chair Osamu Ochiai

  1. Mariya Urazaeva, Deimos Imaging: The unique Earth Observation portfolio of UrtheCast/Deimos Imaging: Present and Future;
  2. David Patterson, WWF-SIGHT "why spatial data transparency is vital for WWF as a conservation NGO and why we need GEO";
  3. Nate Smith, Humanitarian Open Street Map, ""OpenAerialMap: Connecting open satellite, UAV, and other aerial imagery to humanitarian partners";
  4. "Unleashing the power of GEOSS for every child" Valeria Groppo, UNICEF;
  5. Peiliang Shi, WIS2.0, WMO;
  6. Tim Duffy, "OneGeology as a GEOSS Data Provider", One Geology.

 11:40-12:45  Data Management Principles Implementation and Practices: Hands on session
Moderators: Michael Diepenbroek,  Mustapha Mokrane and Wim Hugo

This session will introduce the certification of data repositories as one of the practical mechanisms to assess implementation of GEOSS Data Management Principles (DMPs). As a practical exercise, GEO data providers are invited to test the core level certification for data repositories by completing a self-assessment against the Core Trustworthy Data Repositories (Core TDR) Requirements developed by the World Data System (WDS) and Data Seal of Approval (DSA). The self-assessment form is available here: https://goo.gl/ipEBmW


13:00-14:00  Hosted  Lunch

How Communities can benefit of GCI and its resources
Moderator: Mattia Santoro (CNR)


Users stories: How community can use them to leverage GCI Resources (10 min each)

15:10-15:40  Deliver GEOSS Portal widgets
Guido Colangeli (ESA)

15:40-15:50  Questions

15:50-16:00  How GCI is making a difference in Decision Making: Call for Applications from the community, using GCI resources : Disaster, Climate, SDGs.

16:00-16:40  Coffee Break: Lightning talks (5 min each)
Chair Osamu Ochiai

  1. Jay Matta, "The Groundwater Assessment Platform (GAP) – taking measurement points and readily available geo-spatial data to produce prediction maps using statistical modelling." EAWAG;
  2. Ian Schuler, "Creating cloud-based data distribution / discovery tools, like MODIS on AWS or NASA's Cumulus Platform for processing and distributing EO data on the cloud", Development seed;
  3. Hironori Yabuki, ADS's contribution to GEO, ADS;
  4. Yasunori Hanafusa JAMSTEC’s Contribution to GEO, JAMSTEC;
  5. The GEO-CRADLE Regional Data Hub tool: A vision for a regional GEOSS Portal, National Observatory of Athens (NOA).
  6. Marc-Elian Bégin, "Platforms to ignite open data exploitation in the cloud" sixsq

16:40-17:10  Clarifying role / relevance of statistical information (ESA and CNR)
Guido Colangeli (ESA) & Mattia Santoro (CNR)

17:10  Closing Session



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