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Global Heat
Resilience Service

Building the foundation for heat resilient communities

Building the foundation for
heat resilient communities
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Work Plan

GEO and the World Meteorological Organization have developed the project concept. A project team comprised of scientific and policy experts on the use of Earth observations for climate change, urbanization, and health will facilitate the co-design of the service in partnership with representatives of health, meteorological and emergency management agencies, city and local governments and their communities, statistical and mapping agencies, experts in data analytics, software development and user experience design.

The key stages of the project will be project design (to be completed by early 2024), EO data collection and processing, pilot city-partnerships and, testng, interface/platform and service development, and scale-up, implementation and monitoring. The project will require funding at each stage to cover costs including personnel, data acquisition and analysis, software development and hardware infrastructure, operations and maintenance, capacity building, communications, and awareness raising activities. The Service will be a key input for the delivery of a Global Early Warning System for All to be developed by 2027 as part of a commitment by the UN Secretary General.

We are seeking partners to collaborate on the project. Collaboration will be sought throughout design and implementation phases with those who can provide the following support: scientific/technical (Earth observation methods tools, data management); policy & advocacy; stakeholder & community/ youth engagement; capacity building; funding and investment.