The GEO Work Programme 2023-2025

GEO welcomes participation from anyone with an interest in applying Earth observations to real-world problems, either by joining an existing GEO activity or by proposing a new activity in the GEO Work Programme (GWP). To develop innovative solutions to our most pressing problems, we need a diversity of perspectives. The GEO Work Programme (GWP) provides a framework for countries, international organizations, the private sector, researchers, and others to work together to harness the power of Earth observations to address environmental and societal challenges. GWP activities have developed several Earth observation-based tools that are having significant impacts in many parts of the world. Some examples of these impacts include preventing famine, providing hazard warnings such as floods and wildfires, and supporting action on biodiversity, climate, and sustainable urbanization. GEO fulfils its mission by promoting open access and sharing of data, information, and knowledge to ensure that the benefits of Earth observations are available to all.

Call for Implementation Plans

The GEO Programme Board and the GEO Secretariat invite existing GEO Work Programme (GWP) Flagships, Initiatives, Community Activities and Regional GEOs to prepare new Implementation Plans for the period 2023-2025. 

GEO also welcomes proposals for new GWP activities. More details can be found below.

The first versions of the Implementation Plans are expected to be completed by 20 May 2022. 

Key changes to the 2023-2025 GWP Process

  • Implementation Plans will be prepared using an online system instead of document templates. 
  • The Community Activities category has been changed to Pilot Initiatives. This name change signals that Pilot Initiatives are expected to evolve into GEO Initiatives after a reasonable period of time. 
  • All GEO Flagships, Initiatives, and Pilot Initiatives will be expected to meet three key general criteria for inclusion in the GWP: 
    • Be open to participants from any GEO Member, Participating Organization, or GEO Associate;
    • Intend to develop open, reusable solutions for applying Earth observations to demonstrated needs on a regional or global scale;
    • Adhere to the GEO Ethical Standards, including the GEO Data Sharing Principles and Data Management Principles. 

Current GWP Activities

  • Leads of each activity, including leads of Regional GEOs, will be contacted by the GEO Secretariat to identify a “Main Editor” for the Implementation Plan preparation. The Main Editor will be provided with the link and login credentials needed to access the GWP system. 
  • Once connected to the GWP system, the Main Editor may identify Co-editors who will also have access to the system and will be able to enter and edit the Implementation Plan content. When the Implementation Plan is complete and ready for review, the Main Editor will submit it. 
  • Community Activities interested in applying as GEO Initiatives, or GEO Initiatives interested in applying as GEO Flagships, will be able to identify this request on the first page of the online system. Community Activities that do not wish to apply as GEO Initiatives should choose the Pilot Initiative category in the system. 
  • The criteria for acceptance of GEO Flagships, Initiatives, and Pilot Initiatives can be found here
  • Foundational Tasks, including Working Groups, are not currently required to complete Implementation Plans. 

New Proposals

  • All new GWP activities will start as Pilot Initiatives.
  • Teams interested in preparing an Implementation Plan for a new Pilot Initiative are requested to contact the GWP team at the GEO Secretariat to discuss the proposal and obtain the GWP system login information.
  • Please note that the responsibility for obtaining the resources needed to implement the proposed Pilot Initiative, whether financial or in-kind, rests with the activity team. No funding will be provided by GEO during this process. 


  • For all questions and requests for support during the process, please contact

Further Information on the Process and the GWP System

  • Some modules of the Implementation Plan will not be available immediately. Editors will be notified once the additional modules have been added. These modules include:
    • Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Capacity Development (based on the survey already distributed to existing GWP activities by the three Working Groups; and
    • Input and output data (based on the Data Working Group survey already distributed to existing GWP activities).
  • Those activities that have already provided information for the two surveys, and their list of participants for the 2020-2022 GWP, do not need to enter this information again. The previous information may be updated or modified using the GWP system. New activities or activities that have not yet completed this information will be expected to do so during the 2023-2025 GWP process. 
  • Since this is the first year of using the new system, changes are expected during the process. Main Editors and Co-editors will be notified of these changes as they are implemented. 
  • Implementation Plans for GEO Flagships and Initiatives will be reviewed by teams of GEO Programme Board members and external reviewers from the GEO community. The review process will focus on improving the plans to maximize their likelihood of success and foster greater collaboration across the GEO community, including in support of the GEO engagement priorities. 
  • Summary information from the Implementation Plans will be posted for consultation on the GEO website, starting with submission of version 1. A consolidated version of the Implementation Plan summaries will be circulated to the GEO Principals for comment and possible contributions. A final consolidated summary will be presented to the GEO-18 Plenary for endorsement.