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About us

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) supports efforts to build disaster resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The GEO Work Programme (GWP) is currently implementing more than two dozen activities using Earth Observations (EO) for disaster preparedness and prevention, mitigation of potential damage, and better management of and recovery from disasters. Significant reductions in fatalities and property damage can be achieved   by strengthening cooperation and data sharing for satellite and surface data to manage risks posed by fires, floods, earthquakes, and other hazards. Better information, made widely accessible, leads to improved understanding of disaster risk.

GEO’s DRR Working Group (DRR-WG) was established in June 2020 to develop and implement a coherent and crosscutting approach within GEO to advance the use of EO to support national DRR and resilience efforts. The DRR-WG promotes awareness of relevant global policy frameworks, such as the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, while serving as the primary GEO liaison to UNDRR. The DRR-WG also collaborates with other working groups and activities across the GEO engagement priorities relating to three international policy areas, namely climate action, sustainable development and urban resilience.


DRR Working Group Co-chairs and Deputy-chairs

Three co-chairs are selected by and from the DRR-WG members. Each co-chair leads a designated subgroup (SG) and is supported in their role by three deputy chairs.

  • GEO DRR WG Co-Chair - SG1 Lead: David Borges, NASA, United States
  • SG1 Deputy Chairs: Fernando Belda (Spain), Tatiya Chuentragum (Thailand), Godstime James (Nigeria)
  • GEO DRR WG Co-Chair - SG2 Lead: Nathaniel K. Newlands, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • SG2 Deputy Chairs: Abdullahi Aliyu (Nigeria), Nhilce Esquivel (Sweden), John LaBrecque (IUGG)
  • GEO DRR WG Co-Chair - SG3 Lead: Kene Onukwube, DEAR Africa, Nigeria
  • SG3 Deputy Chairs: Cheila Cullen (United States), Ghulam Rasul (ICIMOD), Ramesh P. Singh (United States)
David Borges


Fernando Belda Esplugues

Belda Esplugues

Tatiya Chuentragun


Godstime James


Nathaniel Newlands


Aliyu Abdullahi


Nhilce Esquivel


John Labrecque


Kene Onukwube


Cheila Cullen


Ghulam Rasul


Ramesh Singh


Sub groups

Three Subgroups are established to run the work of the DRR-WG:

SG1: GEO Work Programme Coordination    

SG2: UNDRR Coordination for Sendai Framework Priorities    

SG3: Climate Change and SDG Coordination    

How to join and contribute

Individuals wishing to join a WG must be nominated by the Principal of their relevant GEO Member or Participating Organization. As appropriate, the Programme Board may also invite other qualified individuals to participate as members.

Contact us

Administrative support for the DRR-WG is provided by the GEO Secretariat. Contact Rui Kotani, DRR Coordinator, at rkotani@geosec.org for more information on the work of the DRR-WG.


Working group members

Name Affiliation WG SG1 SG2 SG3
Nathaniel Newlands bio Canada Co-Chair - SG Lead -
Kene Onukwube bio Nigeria Co-Chair - - SG Lead
David Borges bio United States Co-Chair SG Lead - -
Aliyu Abdullahi bio ACCREC Member - Deputy chair -
Omowumi Rabiu bio ACCREC Member - - Member
Paul Box bio Australia Member Member - -
Markus Enenkel bio Austria Member - Member -
Stella Melo bio Canada Member Member - -
Sergey Samsonov bio Canada Member - Member -
Bandela Ajay Kumar bio CEOS Member Member - -
David Green bio CEOS Member - - -
Amy Parker bio CEOS Member - - -
Kerry Sawyer bio CEOS Member - - -
Luis Donas bio Chile Member - Member -
César Molina Chile Member - - -
Juan Piedra bio Chile Member - - -
Luis Felipe Robledo bio Chile Member - - -
Joselyn Robledo Ceballos bio Chile Member - Member -
Suju Li bio China Member - - -
Glenn Newnham bio CODATA Member - Member -
Angela Garcia Bustamante Colombia Member - - -
Leidy Andrea Mendez Polo Colombia Member - - -
Diofantos Hadjimitsis bio Cyprus Member - - -
Mijail Arias-Hidalgo bio Ecuador Member Member - -
Patricia Carrillo Chimbo Ecuador Member - - -
Maria Herminia Cornejo Rodriguez bio Ecuador Member - - Member
Rosa Gardenia Cuesta Molestina Ecuador Member - - Member
Gissela Patricia Diaz bio Ecuador Member - Member -
Luis Dominguez Granda bio Ecuador Member - - -
Maria Estrella Ecuador Member - - -
David Matamoros bio Ecuador Member - - -
Sandra Novoa Luque bio Ecuador Member - Member -
Othoniel Palacios Celin Ecuador Member - - -
Jenny Rodrilguez Ecuador Member - - -
Marcelo Zuniga Salazar bio Ecuador Member - Member -
Ryan Lanclos bio Esri Member Member - -
Daniele Ehrlich bio European Commission Member - - Member
Conan Vassily Obame bio Gabon Member - Member -
Laurent Durieux bio GEO Secretariat Member - - GEO Sec for Info
Alik Ismail-Zadeh bio Germany Member - Member -
Laila Kühle bio Germany Member - Member -
Fabian Löw bio Germany Member - Member -
Amos Kabo-Bah bio Ghana Member - - -
Amos Kabo Bah Tiereyangn Ghana Member - - -
Haris Kontoes bio Greece Member - - -
Allison Craddock bio IAG Member Member Member -
Ghulam Rasul bio ICIMOD Member - - Deputy chair
Chiara Del Ventisette bio Italy Member - - -
Luigi Piccardi bio Italy Member - Member -
Stefano Salvi bio Italy Member - Member -
Mohsen Ghafory-Ashtiany bio IUGG Member - - -
Ayumi Arai bio Japan Member - - Member
Hidenori Fujimura bio Japan Member - - Member
Akiyuki Kawasaki bio Japan Member - - Member
Shunichi Koshimura bio Japan Member - Member -
Ryosuke Shibasaki bio Japan Member - Member -
Mariko Shibasaki bio Japan Member Member - Member
Andrew Nyawade bio Kenya Member - - -
Solofo Rakotondraompiana bio Madagascar Member Member Member -
Sitraka Raoeliarivao bio Madagascar Member - Member -
Nurfashareena Muhammad bio Malaysia Member Member - -
Adnane Labbaci bio Morocco Member - - Member
Carolina Adler bio MRI Member - - Member
Ahmad Halilu bio Nigeria Member - - -
Godstime James bio Nigeria Member Deputy chair - -
Taiwo Seun Ogunwumi bio Nigeria Member - Member -
Bente Lilja Bye bio Norway Member - - Member
Marie-Françoise Voidrot bio OGC Member - - -
Imran Khan bio Pakistan Member - - -
Martyna Gatkowska Poland Member - - -
Jakub Ryzenko bio Poland Member - - -
Gregory Yetman bio SDSN Member - Member -
Fernando Belda Esplugues bio Spain Member Deputy chair - -
Mario Andres Salgado bio Spain Member - Member -
Janet Edwards bio Sweden Member - Member -
Nhilce Esquivel bio Sweden Member - Deputy chair -
Susanne Ingvander bio Sweden Member Member Member -
Krystal Wilson bio SWF Member Member - -
Tatiya Chuentragun bio Thailand Member Deputy chair - -
Anusorn Rungsipanich Thailand Member - Member -
Albert Momo bio Trimble Member Member - -
Johnson Owaro bio Uganda Member - - -
John Martin Owor bio Uganda Member - - -
Adam Fysh bio UNDRR Member - Member -
Rhea Katsanakis bio UNDRR Member - Member -
Andrew Spezowka bio UNDRR Member Member Member -
Stuart Marsh bio United Kingdom Member Member - -
Cheila Cullen bio United States Member - - Deputy chair
Fernando Echavarria bio United States Member - - Member
John Labrecque bio United States Member - Deputy chair -
Charlie Mandeville bio United States Member - - -
Roger Pulwarty bio United States Member - - Member
Ramesh Singh bio United States Member - - Deputy chair
Viet-Ha Nhu bio Vietnam Member - Member -
Hugo Wim bio WDS Member - Member -
Farai Kuri bio Zimbabwe Member - Member -
Anderson Muchawona bio Zimbabwe Member - - -
Sandra Delali Kemeh bio GEO Secretariat GEO Sec Rep GEO Sec for Info GEO Sec for Info GEO Sec for Info
Rui Kotani bio GEO Secretariat GEO Sec Rep GEO Sec Rep GEO Sec Rep GEO Sec Rep
Steven Ramage bio GEO Secretariat GEO Sec Rep - - GEO Sec for Info


GEO Week 2021 (22-26 November 2021)

  • DRR Side event (25 Nov, 18:00-19:00 CET and 26 Nov, 11:00-11:50 CET)
  • Plenary Session 3 (24 Nov at 12:00-12.45 CET)
  • Anchor Session 1 (23 Nov 14:00-15:45 CET)
  • Youth Engagement (22, 24-26 Nov)