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About us

The Climate Change Working Group (CC-WG) is convened to develop and implement a comprehensive GEO climate change action strategy to advance the use of Earth observations in support of climate adaptation and mitigation. This includes actions related to the pillars of the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

Duties involve improving coordination and uptake of GEO Work Programme activities relevant to climate change, support countries’ action within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and strengthen the collaboration with GEO’s partners in the climate domain.

The CC-WG will support the translation of the Canberra Declaration into concrete actions within the GEO Work Programme, and ultimately drive actions to promote the GEO climate engagement priority.

The CC-WG is composed of almost 100 members covering a wide range of countries. Also the typology of members varies widely, including government, academia, UN agencies and intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, and the commercial sector.


Climate Change Working Group Co-Chairs

Four co-chairs are elected, selected by and from the CC-WG members, representing a balance of gender, geography, and generation. Each co-chair leads a designated subgroup and is supported by deputy chairs in their role.

Virginia Burkett

Virginia Burkett

Mark Dowell

Mark Dowell

Lucia Perugini

Lucia Perugini

Angel Alberto Valdiviezo

Angel Alberto Valdiviezo

Sub groups

Four subgroups are established to run the work of the CC-WG:

Coordination of climate issues across the GEO Work Programme & Synergies with key partners    

Engagement with UNFCCC and IPCC    

Enhancing the use of EO for Mitigation    

Enhancing the use of EO for Adaptation and Loss & Damage    

Collaboration with other GEO Working Groups

The CC-WG will coordinate in particular with the Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group (DRR-WG) through its established subgroup on Coordination with GEO Engagement Priorities (Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals) and with other GEO WG as appropriate.

How to join and contribute

Individuals interested in joining a WG must be nominated by the GEO Principal of their relevant GEO Member or Participating Organization. As appropriate, the Programme Board may also invite other qualified individuals to participate as members.

Contact us

Administrative support to the CC-WG is provided by the GEO Secretariat. Contact Sara Venturini, Climate Coordinator, at sventurini@geosec.org for more information about the work of the CC-WG.


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference will remain in effect for the period of the 2020-2022 GEO Work Programme. It may be revised with the approval of the Programme Board.

Roadmap and subgroup work plans

A Roadmap is proposed to guide the work of the CC-WG and prioritize action based on the approved Terms of reference. The Roadmap also outlines the way members engage and contribute to the objectives of the CC-WG. It contains priority deliverables, milestones and the working timeline, as well as the work plan of each subgroup. While the CC-WG activities are outlined for the 2020-2022 period, some have an ongoing nature and are intended to be continued beyond the first term.

Working group members

Name Affiliation
Angel Alberto Valdiviezo - Co-Chair Ecuador
Mark Dowell - Co-Chair European Commission
Lucia Perugini - Co-Chair Italy
Virginia Burkett - Co-Chair United States
John Firth - Member Acclimatise
Musiliu Babatunde - Member ACCREC
Nura Jibo - Member ACCREC
Ibrahim Lawan Muhammad - Member ACCREC
Rabia Said - Member ACCREC
Armen Asryan - Member Armenia
Caroline Poulsen - Member Australia
Stefan Kienberger - Member Austria
Marie-Josée Bourassa - Member Canada
Mohammed Dabboor - Member Canada
Jason Duffe - Member Canada
Emma Fernandes - Member Canada
Joerg Schulz - Member CEOS
Wenying Su - Member CEOS
Gladys Santis - Member Chile
Eduardo Silva - Member Chile
Yuqi Bai - Member China
Gensuo Jia - Member China
Johoner Venicio Correa Cruz - Member Colombia
Adriana Liseth Gonzalez Mahecha - Member Colombia
Leidy Andrea Mendez Polo - Member Colombia
Veronica Rea Borja - Member Colombia
Jorge Alberto Sanabria Morales - Member Colombia
David Halpern - Member COSPAR
Diofantos Hadjimitsis - Member Cyprus
Andre Obregon - Member ECMWF
Sandra Barriga - Member Ecuador
Veronica Bojoque - Member Ecuador
Mercy Borbor - Member Ecuador
Alba Calles - Member Ecuador
Santiago Carpio Salazar - Member Ecuador
Othoniel Palacios Celin - Member Ecuador
Paolo Piedrahita - Member Ecuador
Juan Carlos Ramírez - Member Ecuador
Luis Francisco Robalino - Member Ecuador
Frank Martin Seifert - Member ESA
Susanne Mecklenburg - Member ESA
Ivan Petiteville - Member ESA
Simon Pinnock - Member ESA
Patricia Cummens - Member Esri
Phillippe Tulkens - Member European Commission
Thomas Harvey - Member FAO
Laurent Durieux - Member France
Laurence Monnoyer-Smith - Member France
Thierry Ranchin - Member France
Armel Nzue Mba - Member Gabon
Stefan Rösner - Member Germany
Kamila Kabo-Bah - Member Ghana
Emmanuel Nyantakyi - Member Ghana
Nektarios Chrysoulakis - Member Greece
Evangelos Gerasopoulos - Member Greece
Prodromos Zanis - Member Greece
Richard Gross - Member IAG
Mandira Shrestha - Member ICIMOD
Werner Kutsch - Member ICOS
Andrea Alessandri - Member Italy
Ilaria Baneschi - Member Italy
Chiara Boschi - Member Italy
Mariasilvia Giamberini - Member Italy
Maddalena Pennisi - Member Italy
Antonello Provenzale - Member Italy
Enrico Tomelleri - Member Italy
Sandro Federici - Member Japan
Rui Kotani - Member Japan
Hiroyuki Muraoka - Member Japan
Osamu Ochiai - Member Japan
Kenneth Mwangi - Member Kenya
Jean Roger Rakotoarijaona - Member Madagascar
Solofo Rakotondraompiana - Member Madagascar
Carolina Adler - Member MRI
Shawn Marshall - Member MRI
Assoumane Garba - Member Niger
Akinola Babatunde - Member Nigeria
Asma Ibrahim - Member Nigeria
Muhammad Arif Rashid Goheer - Member Pakistan
Muhammad Irfan Tariq - Member Pakistan
Arnlod Hougham - Member PCI Geomatics
Susana Adamo - Member SDSN
Gayane Faye - Member Senegal
Lerato Shikwambana - Member South Africa
Jordi Sandalinas - Member Spain
Lena Lindstrom - Member Sweden
Sandrine Mathieu - Member Thales
Joanna Post - Member UNFCCC
Marie-Fanny Racault - Member United Kingdom
Susie Wright - Member United Kingdom
Michelle McClure - Member United States
Alexander O'Niel - Member United States
Ramesh Singh - Member United States
Patrick Taylor - Member United States
Simon Eggleston - Member WMO
Webster Magwaro - Member Zimbabwe
Lester Muradzi - Member Zimbabwe
Veronika Neumeier - GEO Sec Rep GEO Secretariat
Sara Venturini - GEO Sec Rep GEO Secretariat