First GEO DAB API virtual workshop.

10 October 2016


Information from the world’s satellites, ocean, land and atmospheric measuring stations, contained in the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), is accessed through the GEO Discovery and Access Broker (DAB). New capabilities of this interface are explored in the first of a series of GEO virtual workshops.

GEO DAB is a middle-ware component which is in charge of interconnecting the heterogeneous and distributed capacities contributing to GEOSS.

GEO DAB users are typically software agents, such as web-based or desktop client applications.

To build software applications, a set of protocols and tools are needed, known as Application Program Interface (APIs).

The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with useful information on how to use GEO DAB APIs to exploit GEO DAB discovery and access functionalities.

GEO DAP APIs Virtual Workshop Day 1

  • Web Services APIs
  • Client Side APIs
  • Server Side APIs

View day 1 video recording here

GEO DAP APIs Virtual Workshop Day 2: GEO DAB API Hands-on

  • Demonstration of how to use GEO DAB APIs in Web Applications
  • Live demonstration how to create "Views", of the GCI resources.

View day 2 video recording here



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