GEO 2017-2019 Work Programme


Monitoring and Evaluation

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The purpose of monitoring is to track the progress of the completion of GEO Work Programme activities; it will be performed on a continuous basis with results being delivered through an annual Work Programme Progress Report.

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the progress towards achieving targets, including intended outputs and outcomes, as the basis to improve GEO’s actions. The evaluation will consider not only the outcome of the GEO Work Programme activities but also those outcomes that are directly linked to the Work Programme, but are attributable, at least in part, to GEO’s actions. Results of the evaluation will also help determine what difference GEO has made (effectiveness).

Two independent and comprehensive evaluations will be conducted by ad-hoc Evaluation Teams, one mid-way through the Strategic Plan period and the other near the end.

The task includes all the activities comprising the GEO M&E Framework and  will be performed on a yearly basis. It will also include oversight of the existing literature and latest developments (the latter with a focus on related activities developed by the GEO Community, as Community Activities or GEO Initiatives) assessing the socio-economic benefits of EO use in decision making, as this constitutes a key element for the uptake of EO-based solutions. The medium term objective would be the broadening of the performance of these analyses across all GEO activities.

Activities for the period

  • Consolidate the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework including the definition of Target performance indicators, the process to calculate them and their expected use;
  • Produce yearly Work Programme Progress Reports;
  • Produce reports on indicators, as requested;
  • Progressive update of the database on Socio Economic benefits;
  • Develop a dedicated page on the GEO website on Socio Economic Benefits from EO use and start to populate it with compelling examples and best practices; and
  • Design and perform the first independent evaluation (for 2019).

Future Plans

Continuous execution of M&E activities.


GEO Trust Fund (Secretariat Staff)

In kind contributions (Programme Board and independent Evaluation Teams)


Chao Xing (interim) -


Member and PO nominated representatives serving on the Programme Board and independent Evaluation Teams.

Secretariat Support

  • Overall coordination;
  • Propose indicators and methodologies for their computation;
  • Perform yearly evaluation activities as agreed with the Programme Board;
  • Development and update of the database on Socio Economic benefits;
  • Support the independent evaluations; and
  • Conduct monitoring on an on-going and systematic basis.

Leadership & Contributors (this list is being populated)

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