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AG-01 Global Agricultural Monitoring  
BI-01 Global Biodiversity Observation (GEO BON)  
     BI-01-C1      BI-01-C2      BI-01-C3      BI-01-C4  
CL-01 Climate Information for Adaptation  
     CL-01-C1      CL-01-C2      CL-01-C3      CL-01-C4  
CL-02 Global Carbon Observation and Analysis  
DI-01 Informing Risk Management and Disaster Reduction  
     DI-01-C1      DI-01-C2      DI-01-C3      DI-01-C4      DI-01-C5  
EC-01 Global Ecosystem Monitoring  
     EC-01-C1      EC-01-C2      EC-01-C3  
EN-01 Energy and Geo-Resources Management  
HE-01 Tools and Information for Health Decision-Making  
     HE-01-C1      HE-01-C2      HE-01-C3      HE-01-C4  
HE-02 Tracking Pollutants  
     HE-02-C1      HE-02-C2  
ID-01 Advancing GEOSS Data Sharing Principles             
ID-02 Developing Institutional and Individual Capacity  
ID-03 Science and Technology in GEOSS  
ID-04 Building a User-Driven GEOSS  
     ID-04-C1      ID-04-C2  
ID-05 Catalyzing Resources for GEOSS Implementation  
     ID-05-C1      ID-05-C2  
IN-01 Earth Observing Systems  
     IN-01-C1      IN-01-C2      IN-01-C3      IN-01-C4  
IN-02 Earth Data Sets  
     IN-02-C1      IN-02-C2  
IN-03 GEOSS Common Infrastructure  
     IN-03-C1      IN-03-C2  
IN-04 GEOSS Communication Networks  
     IN-04-C1      IN-04-C2  
IN-05 GEOSS Design and Interoperability  
SB-01 Oceans and Society: Blue Planet  
     SB-01-C1      SB-01-C2      SB-01-C3      SB-01-C4      SB-01-C5      SB-01-C6  
SB-02 Global Land Cover  
     SB-02-C1      SB-02-C2      SB-02-C3      SB-02-C4  
SB-03 Global Forest Observation  
SB-04 Global Urban Observation and Information  
SB-05 Impact Assessment of Human Activities  
     SB-05-C1      SB-05-C2  
WA-01 Integrated Water Information  (incl. Floods and Droughts)  
     WA-01-C1      WA-01-C2      WA-01-C3      WA-01-C4      WA-01-C5  
WE-01 High-Impact Weather Prediction and Information  
     WE-01-C1      WE-01-C2  

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