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GEO-XIII Plenary Side Event: 1st Data Providers Workshop


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Implementing the Data Sharing & Management Principles,

Implementing the Data Sharing & Management Principles: The case for certification of data repositories,

Presentations from data providers: certification use cases and challenges to address quality of the data:

  1. Vasily Kopylov (Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information)
  2. Natalia Sergeyeva (Russian Academy of Sciences Geophysical Centre)
  3. Richard Moreno (CEOS)
  4. Lionel Menard (Web Service Energy)
  5. Dr Hiroko Kinutoni (DIAS) - movie
  6. Thorsten WMO - WIS

Process for new data providers to engage with GEO

GCI USERS – How data gets used,

Discussion and way forward


Mustapha Mokrane, Stefano Nativi, Paola De Salvo, Osamu Ochiai (,,,