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GEO News (Issue #15, 20 July 2011)

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  G20 Ministers launch GEO agricultural initiative
  The agriculture ministers of the G20 countries adopted a ministerial declaration on 23 June in Paris launching a Global Agricultural Geo-Monitoring Initiative. The aim of this GEO-led international monitoring network is to produce more accurate crop forecast data in order to promote food security. The Declaration is available here.
  The “Sprint to Plenary”
  Recognizing the need to accelerate progress towards making more data and information readily available via GEOSS, the Architecture and Data Committee (ADC) has outlined an action plan for demonstrating dramatically improved access to priority Earth observation data in time for November’s GEO-VIII Plenary meeting. Continued …
  Populating the GEOSS Data-CORE: a call for immediate action
  GEO Principals who announced at the Beijing Summit that their government or organization will contribute to the GEOSS Data-CORE are now invited to reconfirm their contribution and provide details of any additions or changes; Principals who missed the opportunity in Beijing can confirm their contributions by sending a message to the GEO Secretariat, if at all possible by 29 July 2011.
  Advancing the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles
  The “GEOSS Data Sharing Action Plan” that was accepted last November by the GEO-VII Plenary and incorporated into the “Beijing Declaration” calls for the creation of the GEOSS Data Collection of Open Resources for Everyone. This emerging GEOSS Data-CORE is a distributed pool of documented datasets with full, open and unrestricted access at no more than the cost of reproduction and distribution. GEO Members are invited to encourage their data-providing organizations to make available datasets that fall into this category. Continued …
  GEO BON presents report to Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
  The Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON) has submitted an “Assessment of the Adequacy of Existing Observation Capabilities for the CBD 2020 Targets” to the June meeting of the CBD’s Ad Technical Expert Group Meeting on Indicators for the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. Continued …
  GEONetCab promotes capacity building
  Funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programme (FP7), the GEONetCab project (GEO Network for Capacity Building) aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of GEO-related capacity-building activities and to broker support for capacity-building projects and activities. Continued …
  GEO-VIII website now open
  Information on the GEO-VIII Plenary meeting, to be held in Istanbul on 16-17 November, is now available on the GEO website. Conference participants are invited to visit the site to learn more about registration procedures, the GEO-VIII Exhibition, hotel availability, visa requirements, the scheduling of the week’s events, and much more.
  Official review launched for GEO 2012-2015 Work Plan
  Version 1 of the next and final GEO Work Plan has been distributed to GEO Principals for comment by 31 August. Version 1 incorporates the comments received from the GEO community during the technical review period March-May 2011 and draws from the outcomes of the 2011 Work Plan Symposium. Continued …
  Executive Committee prepares for Istanbul Plenary meeting
  The Executive Committee held its 22nd meeting in Geneva on 12-13 July. It addressed the preparations for GEO-VIII, the GEOSS Data-CORE, GEO’s post-2015 period, the Global Forest Observation Initiative, the GEOSS evaluation reports, budget and staffing, and other issues. The draft summary of the meeting will be available on the meetings page of the GEO website in a few weeks.
  M&E Working Group prepares third evaluation, performance indicators
  The GEOSS Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group (M&E-WG) met from 1-3 June at the German Meteorological Service (DWD) facilities in Offenbach, near Frankfurt. The meeting had three main outcomes. Continued …
  GEO BON Steering Committee sets course for 2011
  Some 20 experts from 17 entities participated in a meeting of the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON) Steering Committee on 29-30 June in Geneva to discuss policies, funding, and a series of new initiatives. Continued …
  GEOSS in the Americas Symposium
  The next GEOSS in the Americas Symposium will be held in Santiago de Chile from 5 to 7 October 2011. For more information please see the first announcement and the Symposium website.
  Understanding Extreme Geohazards
  The high-level research conference “Understanding Extreme Geohazards: The Science of the Disaster Risk Management Cycle” will take place in Spain from 27 November to 2 December 2011. The conference is being sponsored by GEO and organized by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in partnership with European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) and with support from UNESCO. For more information please visit the conference website.
  Eye on Earth Summit
  The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) will host the Eye on Earth Summit on 12-15 December 2011 in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Further information is available on the draft conference website (the site will be updated shortly).
  4th International Conference on GEographic Object Based Image Analysis
  The conference will be held from 7 to 9 May 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is being jointly organized by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE). Further details can be found on the conference website.
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