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GEO News (Issue #1, 22 January 2009)

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Dear Reader
  Welcome to the first issue of GEO News. We plan to distribute this bulletin to the GEO community via e-mail on a regular basis. Many articles will link to further information on the GEO website, and each issue will be archived there. I hope that this new service helps to increase the flow of information and ideas amongst GEO Members, Participating Organizations, Committees and Task teams.

The recently concluded GEO-V Plenary in Bucharest and the adoption of the 2009-2011 Work Plan mark the beginning of a critical new phase in the construction of GEOSS. In this issue of GEO News, we highlight two key processes for 2009: the GEOSS Common Infrastructure Initial Operating Capability and the GEOSS implementation and management framework consisting of the Work Plan, the strategic Targets and the Evaluation and Monitoring Framework. You will also find updates for the 2009 calendar, GEOSS in Africa and Secretariat activities.

Please share with us any suggestions you may have for improving the usefulness of this bulletin.

Jose Achache, Secretariat Director, GEO

  GEO-V strengthens the GEOSS management framework
  As GEO enters its fifth year and the System of Systems starts to take shape, the time has arrived to refine the management framework for GEOSS implementation. At the November 2008 GEO-V Plenary, the GEO community reviewed the current approach and decided to work over the course of 2009 to make it more rigorous, comprehensive and effective. This emerging new management framework consists of three main parts. More ...
  STC advances roadmap, Tasks and membership
  The GEO Science and Technology Committee (STC) held its 9th meeting on 16-17 December 2008 in San Francisco, USA. More ...
  Towards an African Water Cycle Initiative
  Tunis in early January was the setting for the first GEOSS African Water Cycle Symposium, which sought to build on the successful model of the Asian Water Cycle Initiative to launch a similar programme for Africa. More ...
  SERVIR arrives in Africa
SERVIR Africa logo  
In another advance for GEOSS in Africa, SERVIR-Africa was launched in Nairobi, Kenya late last year at the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD). More ...
  Boosting support for Committees
  The first few months of 2009 will see a significant number of arrivals at the Secretariat. The updated list of assignments for the staff is posted here.
  The updated 2009 calendar
  The GEO calendar will be dominated by two major cycles: the Committee meetings, scheduled for April/May, September, and November; and the reconciliation process (see GEO Update above). These and other GEO-related meetings have been updated here.
  New pages and recent updates
  - The GEOSS Common Infrastructure Initial Operating Capability Task Force
- Integrated Global Water Cycle Observations (IGWCO) Theme
- Communities of Practice with links to the different CoPs
- GEO Data Sharing Principles Implementation
  Next GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop in Japan
  The GEOSS Sensor Web Workshop will be held on 21-22 May 2009 in Ibaraki, Japan. For more information, please read the invitation.
  CARBOSCOPE: a new web tool for GHG monitoring
  The Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS), which is a European contribution to GEOSS, has launched a new web tool that allows users to compare carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from various European sources. Called CARBOSCOPE, this interactive site allows knowledgeable users to visualize fluxes and compare them over various regions and time scales. CARBOSCOPE will be regularly updated through future releases. To learn, more visit the website here.
  SaveEarthGame contest starts 23 January
  This worldwide computer game competition is designed to raise global public awareness of Earth observations, particularly amongst students. Participants are invited to either generate a concept for a computer game or, for those with programming skills, to actually create a playable game design. The entry deadline for the game concept contest is 10 April 2009, and the judging will take place in May. The competition is being organized by the IEEE Committee on Earth Observations and other partners as a contribution to GEO. For more information, see
  Announce your event here!
  Members of the GEO community are invited to submit for inclusion in GEO News announcements of workshops, arrivals and departures of individuals serving as Principles and Co-Chairs, and other brief points of information that could be of interest to GEO Members and Participating Organizations.