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Sustainable Development Goals: Earth Observations in Service of Global Development
Tuesday 10 November 2015
Hilton: Room Don Genaro
GEO Secretariat, CEOS, Member Countries

New Start Time is 8:30! (not 9:00)

The United Nations has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, to address challenges of economic and social development and environmental sustainability. For each of the Goals, the UN has identified multiple targets and is developing indicators countries will use to track and report progress. To achieve the Goals, geospatial information and Earth observations – collected at local, national and global levels, and supported by the best science, tools and technologies – can serve critical, insightful roles in monitoring targets, tracking progress, and helping nations make mid-course corrections. Combined with demographic and statistical data, these sources help enable nations to analyze and model conditions, create maps, and monitor change over time in a consistent and standardized manner. This side event is specifically designed for GEO Plenary attendees to listen to practitioners who are directly involved with the SDG activities as a way to understand needs, process, opportunities, and pathways. The event includes organizations, such as NGOs and development banks, which use Earth observations as part of indicators to track and encourage economic and social development and environmental sustainability. The event concludes with discussions and recommendations on approaches and activities for GEO to pursue in supporting and building capacity in using Earth observations for the SDGs.

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