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Disasters Risk Reduction and Earth observations: a GEO perspective
Monday 13 January 2014
CICG: Room Room 15 (level -1)
Secure World Foundation
Earth observations and information, derived both from space and surface networks, have demonstrated not only their maturity, but a critical role in supporting first responders and risk managers by providing effective tools to rapidly map damages and impacts during rescue operations. GEO through its 150 partners comprised of 90 Governments, UN Organizations including UNISDR, and scientific associations, is working to expand the use of satellite imagery and surface data for managing risks posed by fires, floods, earthquakes and other hazards. GEO is promoting broad open data policies and practices, real-time data-sharing, and standardized procedures and practices. In addition, the GEO Community is developing decision-support tools and applications for the full cycle of natural-disaster management, particularly for developing countries. Space agencies through the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) -- the space coordination arm of GEO -- have created a standing Disaster Working Group to help improve disaster risk management (DRM) on a global basis, for all phases of disaster management.
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