2016-2025 Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)

About the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group

As GEO approaches the end of its first 10-year 2005-2015 mandate, the Ministers from GEO Member governments and leaders from GEO Participating Organizations gathered at the Geneva Ministerial Summit on 17 January 2014, and decided to extend their political commitment to the GEO vision through 2025.

The Geneva Summit Declaration witnesses this renewed commitment and confirms the willingness to further leverage GEO's substantial accomplishments to improve Earth observations, as well as to increase the availability of Earth observations, data, and information to leaders in government, science, industry, civic society, and the public at large.

The declaration also requests that “…a new Implementation Plan through 2025 be prepared for endorsement at the next GEO Ministerial Summit, …”.

The GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)

To respond to the Ministers’ request, an Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG) has been set up to draft a new 10-year Implementation Plan (2016-2025) for initial review at the GEO-XI Plenary in November 2014, for acceptance at the GEO-XII Plenary, and subsequent endorsement at the associated Ministerial Summit, at the end of 2015.

The Group operates according to established Terms of Reference.

The Group is composed by 25 Members, 15 Experts and 10 Writing Team Members, representing the five GEO caucuses (Africa, Americas, Asia-Oceania, Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States), with three Experts and two Writing Team Members per caucus.

Nominations to the IPWG were forwarded by each caucus; the GEO Co-Chairs reviewed these nominations and proposed the composition of the Group that was then endorsed by the GEO Executive Committee.

You will find here the current IPWG composition.

The work of the IPWG is supported by the GEO Secretariat.

IPWG activities plan

The GEO Executive Committee and GEO Co-Chairs received the mandate from the GEO-X Plenary to oversee and steer the process of developing the new 10-year Implementation Plan. They agreed to a two-phase approach to guide the IPWG work; an initial reflective phase, followed by a longer 'synthesis and formulation' phase.

The initial phase – or 'fresh perspectives' exercise - lasts from the 1st IPWG meeting in April 2014 until the middle of June 2014, when a summary report will be submitted to the GEO Executive Committee. The second 'synthesis and formulation' phase begins immediately following the 8-9 July meeting of Executive Committee and lasts until the end of the exercise with the acceptance of the Implementation Plan by the GEO-XII Plenary and endorsement at the 2015 Ministerial Summit.

GEO Secretariat Support

Giovanni Rum (grum [at] geosc.org)

Doug Cripe (dcripe [at] geosc.org)

Reference Documents

IP Working Group Mandate and Composition

Background Reference documents

Implementation Plan 2005-2015 and associated documents

Geneva Summit and GEO-X Plenary documents

  • Geneva Summit Declaration (Records Ministers’ decision to renew GEO mandate through 2025)
  • Vision for GEO 2025 (An official Ministerial Document, prepared by the Post-2015 Working Group, approved by GEO-X Plenary and referenced in the Declaration)
  • Ministerial Guidance on the Evolution of GEOSS (Provided to Ministers as food for thought for their discussion at the Geneva Ministerial Summit.)
  • Preliminary Guidance for GEO 2025 (Provided to Plenary X for information. It provides the context for document MS4 (Ministerial Guidance paper) and includes Information papers prepared by the Post-2015 Working Group on Governance, Information Architecture, Management, Resourcing,s and the Private Sector)


Upcoming Meetings

7th Meeting of the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)

Past Meetings

6th Meeting of the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)
5th Meeting of the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)
4th Meeting of the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)
3rd Meeting of the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)
2nd Meeting of the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)
First Meeting of the GEO Implementation Plan Working Group (IPWG)

Stakeholder' consultation

Broad consultation with current and potential GEO stakeholders is considered a key element for shaping the new GEO Implementation Plan.

A number of actions and events took place since the start of IPWG activities, here included several targeted consultations with new potential stakeholders, such as the private sector (non-government) domain.

April 2014

  • A quick consultation with the current GEO Community, through a questionnaire. Results are included as an Annex to the July 2014 IPWG report.
  • A dedicated session at the GEO Work Plan Symposium in Geneva (see GEO meeting list).

April-May 2014

June 2014

  • A dedicated session at the 8th GEO European Projects Workshop in Athens Geneva  (see GEO meetings list).

September 2014

  • Workshop- Engaging the Private Sector in GEOSS – A European Perspective in Brussels. Read report here
  • Targeted consultations with the GEO Implementation Boards and Working Groups

November 2014

  • IPWG “town hall” event in connection with the GEO-XI Plenary in Geneva

December 2014

  • GEO Stakeholders’ Forum, targeted to the World Bank and the Non-Governmental Organizations in Washington DC. Read report here.
  • AGU, San Francisco

February 2015

  • GEO Roundtable Discussion, ESRI Federal GIS Conference in Washington DC
  • Roundtable: strengthening GEO-UN Engagement, with a special focus on post 2015 development agenda in Geneva (see GEO meetings list).