The draft GEO Work Programme for 2020-2022 is available for review by GEO Members and Participating Organizations.

Starting in December 2018, the GEO Programme Board has led an inclusive and iterative process to develop the GEO Work Programme for 2020 to 2022. The GEO Work Programme has now been made available to GEO Members and Participating Organizations for their review and approval at the GEO-XVI Plenary.

Download version 3 of the Summary Document, which contains short descriptions of each of the GEO Flagships, Initiatives, Regional GEOs, Community Activities, and Foundational Tasks that comprise the GEO Work Programme. Additional details on each of the activities are available by clicking on the boxes below.

Requests for corrections to the Summary Document may be sent to the GEO Secretariat.

Comments and questions relating to individual GEO Work Programme activities and their implementation plans should be directed to the Points of Contact of the applicable activities as listed in the Summary Document.

The 2017-2019 GEO Work Programme can be consulted here

Implementation Plans

GEO Flagships
GEO Initiatives
GEO Community Activities
Regional GEOs
Foundational Tasks
GEO Engagement Priorities Coordination
GEOSS Data, Information and Knowledge Resources
GEOSS Infrastructure Development
GEO Work Programme Support
GEO Secretariat Operations