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Weather monitoring and prediction is the most operationally advanced discipline in the field of Earth observation. National meteorological and hydrological services have been sharing data and information for over 100 years and producing extensive national and global databases on wind, rain, temperature and other key weather variables.

The resulting global network of weather monitoring instruments, databases and forecasting models is already making a critical contribution to the emerging Global Earth Observation System of Systems.

GEOSS is integrating international weather data with the growing number of Earth observation data sets now emerging in such fields as biodiversity, health, energy, and water management.

To achieve this goal, the Group on Earth Observations is developing common data formats and boosting collaboration amongst experts in a wide range of scientific and socio-economic disciplines.

The end result will be to greatly expand the range of uses to which weather information and forecasts can be put. This will lead to enormous societal and economic benefits.

The GEO Secretariat Expert responsible for Weather is Douglas Cripe .