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Water: Progress & Highlights

EU-FP7 project HYPOX on in situ monitoring of hypoxic ecosystems

The oxygen content of water is a key parameter to determine the health of natural water bodies. The investigation of long-term trends and the definition of appropriate water quality indicators have been in the focus of the EU funded project HYPOX. A data portal for dissolved oxygen has been set up employing GEOSS standards and guidelines to allow for easy discovery, search ability and access. Core parameters are made fully and openly available in compliance with the GEOSS data sharing principles. Besides data provision the HYPOX project also supports stakeholders and decision makers with information on hypoxia in aquatic systems. More information can be found in four HYPOX policy briefs:

Global Groundwater Information System

Measurements from GRACE satellites were used to quantify underground water-storage – a key development towards detecting water-cycle acceleration under a changing climate. A number of tools were refined for global groundwater assessment, such as the Global Groundwater Information System; For more details see the GEO Work Plan Progress Report.

Asian Water Cycle Initiative

A web-based information system was developed to integrate, analyze, and archive Earth observation data from 20 Asian countries (Asian Water Cycle Initiative). Tools were developed for applying remote-sensing data to water management and showing the value of Earth observation in the Latin and Caribbean Americas (GEOSS in the Americas); For more details see the GEO Work Plan Progress Report.