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Science & Technology: Strategic Target

Before 2015, GEO aims to:

Ensure full interaction and engagement of relevant science and technology communities such that GEOSS advances through integration of innovations in Earth observation science and technology, enabling the research community to fully benefit from GEOSS accomplishments.

This will be achieved through:

  • promotion of research and development in key areas of Earth sciences to facilitate, on an ongoing basis, improvements to Earth observation systems;
  • research and development for models, data assimilation modules and new or improved algorithms for global and regional services and products;
  • encouraging and facilitating the transition of systems and techniques from research to operations by fostering collaboration and partnership between the operational and research communities;
  • provision for sensor validation and verification so resource managers and industry can ensure sensors being developed are ready for operational use over a wide variety of environmental conditions;
  • incorporation of science and technology outcomes that improve observing systems and observational capacity;
  • improving interoperability between global observing systems and modelling systems;
  • inclusion of societal needs in new research observing system planning and inclusion of research considerations in operational observing system planning;
  • life-cycle data management and optimisation, data integration and information fusion, data mining, network enhancement, and design optimization studies, up-scaling and downscaling, and visualisation of large and diverse data sets.

This will be demonstrated by:

  • Improved and new instrumentation and observation system design for in-situ, airborne, and space-based observation, benefiting from advances in science and technology.
  • Increased accessibility of global sets of scientific data necessary for improved Earth System modelling in the different GEO Societal Benefit Areas.
  • Increased accessibility of data and improved coordination and maintenance of observational systems through GEOSS are realized by the research community.