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Data Management : Strategic Target

Before 2015, GEO aims to:

Provide a shared, easily accessible, timely, sustained stream of comprehensive data of documented quality, as well as metadata and information products, for informed decision-making.

This will be achieved through:

Preparation of and access to, among Member and Participating Organization communities, global and regional information encompassing:

  • geographic information such as basic global geodetic reference frames;
  • cross-cutting data sets such as land cover and land use information;
  • essential socio-economic information;

Data made available in accordance with GEOSS Data Sharing Principles, which includes:

  • full and open exchange of data, metadata and products shared within GEOSS, recognizing relevant international instruments and national policies and legislation;
  • all shared data, metadata and products being made available with minimum time delay and at minimum cost;
  • all shared data, metadata and products being provided free of charge or no more than the cost of reproduction will be encouraged for research and education;
  • promotion of a coordinated, life-cycle data management process to support improved simulation, modelling, and prediction capabilities for each Societal Benefit Area and across multiple Societal Benefit Areas;
  • development of best practices, identified in the appropriate GCI registry, for observation, collection and access to data and information, including best practices for data quality assurance for both observing system data and information products;
  • evaluation of emerging information sources, including communities that may be global and not formally associated with any particular GEO Member or Participating Organization, and encouraging access to the information through, or integration into, GEOSS, as appropriate.

This will be demonstrated by:

  • Increased use of observations through advances in all aspects of life-cycle data management, integration, and data recovery and conversion.
  • Open, reliable, timely, consistent, and free access to a core set of essential environmental observations and information products, supported by adequate metadata, by users across all GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas in accordance with GEOSS Data Sharing Principles.
  • Removal of important data management deficiencies.
  • Enhanced information extraction from historical, current and future source data.

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