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Capacity Building: Strategic Target

Before 2015, GEO aims to:

Enhance the coordination of efforts to strengthen individual, institutional and infrastructure capacities, particularly in developing countries, to produce and use Earth observations and derived information products.

This will be achieved through:

  • working with and building on the capacity building efforts of GEO Members and Participating Organizations to further increase the synergies and effectiveness of national and international capacity building programmes;
  • ensuring the engagement and committed involvement of resource providers in the GEO capacity building process;
  • enhancing capacity building efforts to ensure the integration of mature Earth observation-based information systems into day by day end-user practices including decision making, management processes and planning for all Societal Benefit Areas.

This will be demonstrated by:

  • Networking activities that specifically build individual, institutional and infrastructure capacity.
  • Leveraging resources for Earth observation capacity building efforts.
  • Increased use of Earth observation in policy and decision making.
  • Enhanced participation of developing countries in GEO and GEOSS.

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