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Disasters: Strategic Target

Before 2015, GEO aims to:

Enable the global coordination of observing and information systems to support all phases of the risk management cycle associated with hazards (mitigation and preparedness, early warning, response, and recovery).

This will be achieved through:

  • more timely dissemination of information from globally-coordinated systems for monitoring, predicting, risk assessment, early warning, mitigating, and responding to hazards at local, national, regional, and global levels;
  • development of multi-hazard and/or end-to-end approaches, as appropriate to meet the needs for disaster risk reduction, preparedness and response in relevant hazard environments;
  • supporting the implementation of the priorities for action identified in the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015: Building the resilience of nations and communities to disasters (HFA).

This will be demonstrated by:

  • Improved use of observations and related information to inform policies, decisions and actions associated with disaster preparedness and mitigation.
  • More effective access to observations and related information to facilitate warning, response and recovery to disasters.
  • Increased communication and coordination between national, regional and global communities in support of disaster risk reduction, including clarification of roles and responsibilities and improved resources management.
  • Improved national response to natural and man-made disasters through delivery of space-based data, resulting from strengthened International Charter on "Space and Major Disasters."
  • Support to the successful implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015.

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