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Climate: Progress & Highlights

CBERS image:  Coast of State of Rio de JaneiroGEO Forest Carbon Tracking portal

The portal for the GEO Forest Carbon Tracking (FCT) Task was launched at the GEO-VI Plenary meeting in Washington DC and can now be viewed on-line at The portal allows users to visualize the FCT National Demonstrators, the relevant Validation Sites and the inventory of the coordinated acquisitions of satellite and in-situ data; maps and information resulting from the processing of the data will also be posted here when available. A three-minute video describing the portal is also available.

Integration of monthly precipitaion data

Monthly precipitation data from 190 countries (based on in-situ measurements at about 85,000 stations) were integrated into a global precipitation climatology. The data were extensively quality-controlled to produce next generation precipitation products; For more details see the GEO Work Plan Progress Report.

Support for seasonal forecasting research

A web-based application (NASA Giovanni) was developed to support seasonal forecasting research, as a simple way to visualize, analyze, and access/download vast amounts of Earth science remote-sensing data; For more details see the GEO Work Plan Progress Report.

Release of new carbon datasets

New carbon datasets were released: the FLUXNET CO2 fluxes dataset, and the TCCON CO2 and CH4 dataset. These datasets are vital for the validation and calibration of satellite measurements. A new European project for the development of an "operational global integrated carbon observation system" was approved for funding (GEOCARBON; 2011-2014); For more details see the GEO Work Plan Progress Report.