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The issue of climate change has moved to the top of the global political agenda. However, many aspects of the global climate system are still not fully understood. Key uncertainties involve clouds, sea-level rise, the carbon cycle and the impact of sulfates and other human-caused aerosols. Solving these uncertainties will assist governments to adopt more effective policies for mitigating, and adapting to, climate change.

The Group on Earth Observations is a strong advocate for sustained and coordinated climate observing systems. It is supporting an ambitious and multidisciplinary effort to strengthen the ability of governments to minimize and adapt to the societal and environmental impacts of climate variability and change.

As it matures, the Global Earth Observation System of Systems will represent a quantum leap in the speed, resolution, accuracy and sophistication of weather and climate modeling and forecasting. No single country or group of countries has the resources to achieve these advances on its own, but international collaboration promises to advance climate research and monitoring by ensuring that national investments are coordinated and mutually supportive.

To strengthen the link between the providers and users of climate data and predictions, GEOSS disseminates user-friendly information and decision-support tools. Meanwhile, GEO plans to build capacity for using climate and Earth observation data and products more effectively and to integrate climate-risk management into national policies for sustainable development.

The GEO Secretariat Expert responsible for Climate is Espen Volden.