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Call for Proposals: Earth Observations in Decision Support Projects

Selection announcement


The selected proposals can be consulted on the interactive Proposals page


The Group on Earth Observations issued a Call for Proposals (CFP) in 2009 inviting organizations to propose or participate in projects that apply Earth observations to decision support activities. Managed by the Capacity Building and User Interface Committees, the CFP seeks to promote the practical application of Earth observations for improved decision making and to highlight specific examples of how Earth observations can benefit society.

Key aims of the CFP are to support end users in developing countries committed to applying Earth observations and to demonstrate the benefits of Earth observation applications to end users in these countries. The CFP also seeks to identify individuals and organizations interested in serving as advisors to project teams.

This CFP focuse son projects in the following GEO Societal Benefit Areas:

  • Agriculture (including forests)
  • Health (including air quality)
  • Energy
  • Water

Funding for the selected projects will not be directly available from GEO; instead, GEO will attempt to match projects, particularly those focused on developing countries, with resource-providing organizations. GEO will also connect project teams with organizations and advisors who can provide expertise on Earth observations, GEOSS, applications, and project development.

The Full text of the Call for Proposals and related information documents are available below:

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