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Biodiversity: Strategic Target

Before 2015, GEO aims to:

Establish, in conjunction with a comprehensive ecosystem monitoring capability, a worldwide biodiversity observation network to collect, manage, share and analyze observations of the status and trends of the world's biodiversity, and enable decision-making in support of the conservation and improved management of natural resources.

This will be achieved through:

Working with all parties interested in biodiversity observations, and notably the United Nations Convention on Bio-Diversity (UNCBD), as well as:
Utilizing the resources and experience of GEO Members and Participating Organizations, non-governmental organizations, data providers and aggregators, tool developers and operators, and other types of practitioners, in order to establish the biodiversity observation network (GEOBON), which will:

  • promote standards for data collection and data management;
  • continue the development of a network of worldwide biodiversity observations;
  • institute an ongoing process to identify gaps in implementation that need to be filled;
  • implement reporting on biodiversity (ecosystems, species, genes) status, trends, services, risks, and conservation to all stakeholders;
  • develop and implement a service to respond to requests for new products or services.

This will be demonstrated by:

  • Increased routine collection of long term in-situ and remotely sensed biodiversity observations.
  • Access through GEOSS to a large panel of biodiversity observations, including satellite, aerial and in-situ.
  • Increased information sharing on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources.
  • Implementation of a mechanism that enables users to interact with the development of biodiversity observations systems and request services.
  • Increased availability of biodiversity information necessary to respond to and support related topics (ecosystems, health, climate, etc.).
  • Increased information to reduce the cost and support the management of biodiversity issues.

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