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GEOGLAM: data, product, and information dissemination

As GEOGLAM is an initiative that is collaborative and synthetic in nature, a crucial component of its implementation is the dissemination of data used for analyses, derived products, and output information to all interested parties. For this reason, one of GEOGLAM’s cross-cutting components is data, product, and information dissemination.

As of early 2014, various systems for the distribution of EO data are being prototyped through efforts with the CEOS (Committee on Earth Observations Satellites) Ad-Hoc Team for GEOGLAM. CEOS is made up of more than 50 space agencies, is the space-arm of GEO, and plays an integral role in the coordination of EO data for GEOGLAM. It is also helping to facilitate access to EO data at multiple spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions for GEOGLAM scientists and data users.

Once these data are analyzed and products (e.g. crop mask, crop calendar, crop type identification) are developed, they need to be compiled and disseminated along with any relevant explanatory text. One example of this is the Crop Monitor activity, whereby international experts submit their EO-based expert opinions on crop conditions and production outlooks and a synthesis of global crop condition is compiled and then published via the AMIS Market Monitor. This is a monthly activity, and provides a consistent stream of crop production information to the global audience.

As the GEOGLAM initiative progresses toward operational status, a larger volume of data, products, and information will require dissemination. This presents both a challenge and a great opportunity for strengthening knowledge about and awareness of the global food security and production situation.