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Side Event: Advancing the Discovery, Integration, and Reproducibility of Data in GEOSS through Data Sharing - recorded

Mon 29 October from 13:30 to 15:30 in Room B2

Recording: Watch here!

GEO has made significant progress in advancing the accessibility and interoperabiity of data in GEOSS through its efforts to support implementation of the GEOSS Data Sharing and Data Management Principles. However, more needs to be done, especially in the areas of strengthening national capacity for data sharing, facilitating seamless integration of data (including legal interoperability), and improving the trustworthiness of data, metadata, and services. This session provides the opportunity to learn about the new implementation guidelines for the post-2015 GEOSS Data Sharing Principles and a planned survey of national data sharing approaches and capacities. The Data Sharing Working Group welcomes feedback from the GEO community as well as participation in its planned activities.


Data Sharing Working Group / GEO Secretariat


Bob Chen; Wenbo Chu (;