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GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Registry

What is the GEOSS Standards and interoperability Registry?

The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) is building upon, and adding value to, planned and existing Earth observation systems by connecting them to one another. This requires making these systems and components interoperable, so that the data and information they produce can be pooled and combined. GEOSS will become a system of systems by adopting appropriate standards for the interfaces through which the various GEOSS components exchange data and information.

The GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Registry provides information about standards and other interoperability arrangements relevant to the implementation and operation of GEOSS. Here you will find those standards that have been formally adopted for GEOSS, standards that are currently in use though are not yet formally recognized, and standards that are potential candidates for use in GEOSS.

GEO wants your opinion on the candidate GEO Portals  

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The success of the GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Registry will depend on the active participation of GEO Members and Participating Organizations.

We therefore take this opportunity to invite you to list and regularly update all of your standards, protocols and other specifications that will advance the interoperability of GEOSS





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Thank you for your continued commitment to the success of GEOSS.

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