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The GEOSS Common Infrastructure Initial Operating Capability Task Force

The GCI IOC Task Force is responsible for overseeing the Initial Operating Capability phase of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure. This one-year IOC phase will continue until June 2009. The purpose of the IOC is to give the GEO community an opportunity to assess the GEOSS Common Infrastructure and provide useful feedback to the providers of the portals, clearinghouse and registries. This iterative process will lead to the steady improvement of the GCI.

To learn more about the Initial Operating Capability and the work of the Task Force, see:

List of Task Force members:

  • Alan Edwards, EC, CBC, Co-Chair
  • Ivan DeLoatch, US, ADC, Co-Chair
  • Gary Foley, US, UIC
  • David Halpern, COSPAR, STC
  • Ivan Petiteville, CEOS, ADC
  • Jay Pearlman, IEEE, ADC
  • Alessandro Annoni, EC, ADC
  • Ellsworth LeDrew, IEEE, UIC
  • Ryosuke Shibasaki, Japan, ADC
  • Hilcea Ferreira, Brazil, CBC
  • Gordon Bridge, EUMETSAT, CBC
  • Stuart Marsh, United Kingdom, STC
  • Udo Gaertner, Germany, STC