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Next GEO Work Plan Symposium to be held 30 April to 2 May in Geneva

The Symposium will bring together Task Leads and contributors from all Work Plan Tasks (including Task Coordinators and Points of Contact) as well as members of the new Implementation Boards. The agenda will align with the three parts of the 2012-2015 Work Plan, namely:

(i) “Infrastructure” that focuses on the physical components of an operational and sustainable GEOSS, including interoperable observing, modelling and dissemination systems;

(ii) “Institutions and Development” focusing on data sharing, resource mobilization, capacity development, user engagement, and science and technology integration; and

(iii) “Information for Societal Benefits” focusing on information, tools, and services in support of decision-making across the nine Societal Benefit Areas.

The Symposium will play a key role in fostering cross-cutting implementation – promoting a dialogue between Task Leads and contributors from all Tasks and developing synergies across the whole Work Plan. It will provide numerous opportunities to exchange information and highlight Task outputs, also making it easier to assess progress against the 2015 GEOSS Strategic Targets. Interactions will also help identify gaps and issues and design actions for accelerating GEOSS implementation.