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SoDa Service releases 21 years of data on surface solar radiation

A major player in disseminating data and services about solar radiation available at ground level, the SoDa Service has released the HelioClim-1 database containing 21 years of data.  These data are of major interest for Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, and the Central Atlantic Ocean. They will provide valuable help for many applications, ranging from electricity production to climate studies.

The SoDa Service is also offering a service combining HelioClim-1 and the Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE) database developed by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

MINES ParisTech created HelioClim-1 by processing images from the Meteosat satellites. It is now busy developing HelioClim-3, which will also cover Europe since 2004. This will represent a step forward in improved space and time resolutions, less uncertainty in radiation values, reduced time required to access recent data. These improvements are possible because of the advanced capabilities of the Meteosat Second Generation satellites and the Eumetcast program.

Visit the SoDa website for free access to surface solar radiation data.


Partial world map of daily mean of surface irradiance:

Partial world map of daily mean of surface irradiance